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Gray Vive (Herbal Anti-Graying Hair Oil)

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Gurhal (Hibiscus rosa)
Hibiscus is known for helping in recolouring the hair. In Ayurveda it is indicated in cases of premature hair loss and graying as it has property of stimulating hair growth and controls excessive hair fall. 

Bhringraja (Eclipta alba) 
Bhangra one of the most widely used herb of Ayurveda used in almost all classical Ayurvedic formulations for hair care. It has excellent properties for restoring hair, its natural health through revitalizing hair follicles by stimulating blood circulation which is the prime objective of hair rejuvenating formulations. In a nut shell, this herb promotes the hair growth & is known for hair darkening properties.

Product Details

Herbal hair oil opens blocked capillaries thus improves the blood circulation of the scalp that gradually restores lost color & prevent further grey hair.
Grey hair treatment oil gives necessary nourishment to the roots of hair, moisturize the hair and scalp which helps to prevent the further graying of hair.
Herbal hair oil repairs damaged pigments to treat gray hair. 

More Information

Directions to use :
Massage the Herbal Hair Oil gently with the finger tips in the roots of the hair. Each application should cover the scalp completely. Can be used on all affected areas including the scalp, beard and chest. Apply it once a day at night and wash it in the morning, preferably with Amazing Herbal Hair Shampoo.

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