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Re- Gro (Herbal Hair Cream)

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1. Hibiscus rosa-sinesis (Japa)
2. Sesbania sesban (Jayanti)
3. Quercus infectoria (Majuphal)

Product Details

Herbal Hair Cream provides natural care in hair & scalp disorders.
Baldness Cure formulation provides Hair Follicle rich diet and the nourishment. It normalizes blood circulation of the scalp & open the blocked capillaries which feed the roots.
Hair growth remedies promotes the growth of new hair on the bald scalp, thus converting the thin hairy area into full head of Hair.
Indian Herbal Remedy controls Hair-loss (Hair Fall).
Hair loss treatment helps in maintaining the proper texture and the size of Hair.
Herbal Medicine removes fungal infections & many different issues including scalp sores, tender spots, dandruff, severe itching or itchy scalp eczema, rashes on the head, seborrheic dermatitis, , scalp acne, dry and oily problems, crust, flakes and similar conditions.
Herbal Cream stimulates the circulation in the scalp, allowing oxygen and necessary nutrients to be transported to the hair follicle.
Herbal hair care product make your hair grow healthy, lustrous and full of life.

More Information

Directions for Use:
Apply ¼ to ½ tea spoon of the cream or the sufficient quantity diluted with 1 tea spoon water, to cover the complete scalp area. Gently apply into roots of hair parting with comb. Leave it on scalp for a minimum of 1 hour. Use once daily or alternate days (over night or in the morning), till the desired results are attained.


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