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Sun Burn Face Pack

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Albizia lebbeck  (Shiris)
Azadirachta indica  (neem)

Product Details

Herbal face pack supplies the necessary nourishment to the blood vessels which are dilated due to the over exposure of sun rays.

The herbal pack provides hydration therapy to the damaged skin to enable it to restore its lost shine & glow. The observed content of the Herbal medicines also acts on the superficial skin that soothe, cool & heal sunburnt skin.

Himalaya herbs provides fast relief from the discomfort, start the skin cells to healing themselves right away for instant results.

Herbal and natural medicines in it reduces the pain, swelling, redness and itchiness of sunburn & provide skin care.

Natural herbs present in herbal face pack are also good for minor cuts, scrapes and insect bites.

Herbal and natural medicines of the herbal face pack helps skin to absorb the light, act as antioxidants and have an anti-inflammatory response to sunburn. The better skin nutrition the less its scaliness and roughness, and more improved its thickness and hydration.

More Information

Directions for Use :
Apply ¼ to ½ tea spoon of the pack/mask or the sufficient quantity (as required) to cover the complete affected area, if necessary apply wtaer to ease the spread. Leave it for a minimum of 1 hour. Use once daily till the desired results are attained.

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